• Maybe, Just Maybe

    As the Chelsea v Liverpool game was on at midnight our time last night I recorded it and watched it before work this morning. With Chelsea being unbeaten in the league at Stamford Bridge for 86 games, I was expecting yet another goalless or 1-1 draw between the two sides. Incidentally, the last team … read more

  • I Was Wrong - It's Riise's Payslip

    According to this BBC report, Liverpool FC have launched an investigation into how John Arne Riise's payslip has appeared on the Internet. So, if Riise is on 120 grand a week base salary, what is Gerrard on? read more

  • Is This Steven Gerrard's Pay Slip?

    This has been doing the rounds on some of the football websites. Apparently this is the payslip of one of the Liverpool players but no one's quite sure which one. By the salary amount, I reckon it must be Gerrard - there's only a handful of players in the country who are on over 100k per week. Click … read more

  • Liverpool unveil stadium plans

    Liverpool today unveiled the design for the new stadium, scheduled to open in 2010. The design is an upgrade on the initial plans as the new owner's would like to be able to increase capacity above 75,000, subject to the plans being approved by Liverpool council. It was always a nightmare getting … read more

  • Torres is a Red!

    Finally, a signing that might help us challenge for the title. Liverpool has completed the signing of Fernando Torres from Atletico Madrid. He's taking up the number 9 shirt left vacant by Robbie Fowler. If Torres turns out to be half the striker that 'God' was in his prime then we're in for a … read more

  • Ecstasy!

    I nearly had heart failure watching the penalty shoot-out to see Liverpool reach the Champions League Final. I'm now going to have to find somewhere to watch the match in Brisbane at 05:30 in the morning! I know that theoretically things could still go wrong with the house completion but we took a … read more