climate change

  • Google to save the planet

    It seems Google are not content with just 'organising the world's information'. They're now branching into developing clean energy technology to help address climate change. They're taking the Toyota Prius hybrid car as a start and further developing this by plugging them into solar charging … read more

  • Who killed the electric car

    In 1996 Electric cars began to appear on roads all over California. They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust, and ran without gasoline. 10 years later these futuristic cars were almost entirely gone. What happened? This is the question that is addressed in the award winning documentary 'Who … read more

  • Green hypocrisy

    According to a survey by the Energy Saving Trust, while 80 per cent of the public believe climate change is affecting Britain, almost half are doing nothing to halt its impact. I predict that I'm like many: I'm concerned about climate change and am willing to do my bit (recycle more, stop leaving … read more