• American Sniper - Entertaining Film, Disturbing Book.

    About my rating system Clint Eastwood delivers another superbly entertaining movie. However, it’s hard to review the movie without considering the source material. I’ve read other reviews that criticises the film because it shows a one-sided view of Chris Kyle and fails to tackle the politics of the … read more

  • Free iPhone Lonely Planet Guides

    A number of Lonely Planet travel apps for iPhone are currently available free. These are for cities in the US and Canada including New York, LA, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Seattle. Get them while you can as the offer runs out Friday 4th Feb (today). They did the same thing just before Christmas when … read more

  • The Commission

    I've just finished reading 'The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation' by New York Times reporter Philip Shenon. This fascinating book gives a behind the scenes insight into the 9/11 commission's investigation, and provides a context for the well-documented omissions and … read more

  • Books I've Recently Read

    Here's a run down of some books that I've recently read: The Spin Doctor's Diary: Inside Number 10 with New Labour by Lance Price This book has been sitting on my to-read shelf for a while as it has been out since 2005. The main insight I got from this book was the extent to which Tony Blair, in his … read more

  • I'm starting an Internet business - Part 2: The Lifestyle 2.0 Model

    A few days ago I wrote about how I'd seen the light in terms of work and lifestyle after reading 'The Four-Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss. In part 2, before I go on to describe some of the ways that I can generate passive income - the first step towards achieving the dream lifestyle - I'm going to … read more

  • The Road Taken by Michael Buerk

    I’ve just finished reading this extraordinary autobiography from Michael Buerk. What a life he has lived! The book was funny, insightful, moving (especially when he is recalling his time in Ethiopia), and also acts as a good historical reference for some of the major events over the last 30 years. … read more

  • Random act of cynicism

    Last Thursday, while walking down to Tiger Tiger, I was approached by a scruffy looking bloke who asked me if I could spare him 11p. My default reaction was to say 'sorry, I don't have any change'. Now the reason I bring this up is because I've got to the section within the book 'Join Me' where the … read more

  • I love stupid pointless things

    After loving 'Yes Man' by Danny Wallace, I've bought his earlier book 'Join Me' the story of how he started a cult, which I'm finding to be equally as funny and entertaining. I think the reason I like his books so much is because like him, I enjoy stupid pointless things, and believe things which … read more

  • High on life!

    I had a night out last night with my mates for the first time since, well actually I think it's the first time this year (how sad is that!). Rach also went out with her mates (the 'school mums') and we met up at the end of the night and came home together. It's funny that in 7 years we've never … read more