• Blogging for dosh

    Apparently there are over 50 million blogs in the blogosphere now, ranging from occasional bloggers like me, to full-time professional bloggers, some of whom get more readers and subscribers than many national newspapers. If you've ever wondered how people make money from blogging, take a look at … read more

  • I'm starting an Internet business - Part 2: The Lifestyle 2.0 Model

    A few days ago I wrote about how I'd seen the light in terms of work and lifestyle after reading 'The Four-Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss. In part 2, before I go on to describe some of the ways that I can generate passive income - the first step towards achieving the dream lifestyle - I'm going to … read more

  • Britain's banks face £1bn bill from charges revolt | Special report | Guardian Unlimited Business

    HSBC's half year results show that the banks are having to pay a lot more out than previously thought: Britain's banks face £1bn bill from charges revolt | Special report | Guardian Unlimited Business If you haven't already claimed back your unfair charges, like we did, you've probably missed the … read more

  • Banks agree to charges test case

    The banks must be tired of paying out to those of us (in our thousands) that have reclaimed bank charges, as they're finally accepting a test case in the courts. Having worked for banks and knowing a little about their operations, I doubt very much that they'll be able to prove that they can justify … read more

  • Banks ordered to reveal true cost of charges

    Banks ordered to reveal true cost of charges - Guardian Unlimited Money I may have got my money back, but I'd still like to know how they justify the charges. read more

  • The backlash continues

    In what could be a landmark case, next week, a young barrister will take on Natwest over his £2000 unlawful bank charges. What's different about this case if the fact that Natwest have already offered him a full refund, but he is arguing that as well as the refund, he is due a claim for damages … read more

  • The real Budget story unravels

    It takes a few days for the 'analysts' to work it out, but it's clear now that Gordon Brown tried to pull a fast one on Wednesday. Here's some of the facts that are starting to emerge: Gordon Brown claimed that 4 out of 5 households would be better off because of his budget, yet leading accountants … read more

  • Success - settlement offer from Barclays!

    Like many, I've downloaded the templates off Martin Lewis' site to try and reclaim unlawful punitive bank charges over the last 6 years. I worked it out, and after having a bad year 4 years ago when I kept hovering around my overdraft limit, I racked up approx £1100 worth of … read more