• Time to Make an App?

    The incredible growth of the Apple iTunes app store means there's a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a good idea to make a decent profit. It doesn't have to be confined to iPhone or iPad apps either. A good idea could lead to separate native apps for android, mac, windows, blackberry and all … read more

  • Review of 2010 / Plans for 2011

    A few years ago on BBC2 in the UK there was a programme called Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment. I don't know if you watched it but the concept behind the series was that Dave would follow exactly what was recommended for his star sign in a selection of horoscopes, and then see how that … read more

  • March Meetup Group

    On Thursday I held my monthly Brisbane Internet Business Meetup Group which I organise through I've unbelievably now got 129 members. After holding the first few meetups at a Coffee Club, I sent a survey out to all members asking if they wanted to continue with the current informal … read more

  • Meeting Internet Celebrities

    Last night I held my January Brisbane Internet Business Meetup. Of the 82 members (as of today) I think only 14 turned up but that didn't detract from what was a really good night. In particular, our group was blessed by the presence of two genuine internet celebrities: Yaro Starak is a blogger who … read more

  • I've Got Brain Ache

    I'm very busy on the work front at the moment, both in my day job and with the internet business. In my day job I'm involved in a major, very complex, government PKI project. PKI stands for Public Key Infrastructure and is basically a set of systems that can be used for issuing and signing digital … read more

  • Introducing

    I am pleased to announce the launch of our latest website - You may have heard news stories, such as featured on the front page of today, about the revolutionary Electronic Cigarette. This product is win-win for smokers and non-smokers alike as it allows smokers to … read more