• Gun Control Madness

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  • Ashes to Bashes

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  • PCC - Tweets Aren't Private

    The British Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has ruled that journalists are within their rights to quote tweets from Twitter because they are not private. The case centres around Department of Transport employee Sarah Bakersville's tweets that were quoted in two national newspapers without her … read more

  • Mourning For The City I Love

    It has been devastating watching the catastrophe unfold in the city that I've grown to love. I've said before that this is the first place where I've truly felt settled. It's the city we chose to live in when deciding to emigrate, and we've never once regretted it. Many parts of Brisbane are now a … read more

  • Fair and Balanced?

    We're getting closer to General Election time again in the UK and as I'm still a British citizen and eligible to vote, my interest in British politics remains. Don't ask me why, I just can't seem to switch it off. With Twitter, Google Reader and iphone apps providing an ever constant news feed, … read more

  • Monster Password Issues

    This week, the massive online job site released a security notice that their database had been hacked, potentially releasing the personal details of millions of registered users. This isn't the first time this has happened, and I'm sure it won't be the last.Leave aside the fact that … read more

  • The End of Darkness?

    In just a few hours time, after what's been the longest, most expensive, and perhaps most exciting presidential election ever, we'll know who is going to be the 44th President of the United States. Being a political news junkie, I've been following the race fairly closely for the last 18 months, … read more

  • UK National Risk Register

    The UK Cabinet Office has now made public information from the previously classified UK National Risk Register. This is available at []( This seems to backup what many scientists have been … read more

  • Google Street View

    Google is facing a tough time when it comes to privacy. Only 2 days ago Google lost a court case with Viacom (the parent company of MTV and Paramount Pictures) where the judge ruled that they must hand over the log files detailing everyone who has ever accessed a YouTube video. This ruling could set … read more

  • Grant is Gone

    Who would be a football manager? It seems that coming second in the Premier League and making the final of the Champions League (something Mourinho didn't manage for Chelsea) isn't good enough if you're a manager for a club that's owned by a billionaire. Sadly, it looks like the top clubs in the EPL … read more

  • Daylight Savings Chaos

    It was chaos on Monday here in Sydney. For the very first time, the New South Wales State Government had decided to extend daylight savings a week. Unfortunately I don't think they publicised it very well or thought through the impact, as a lot of computer software that was set to automatically … read more

  • Reported UK Data Losses - It's Worse Than You Think

    It comes as no surprise to me that we're seeing a lot of news reports lately regarding lost or stolen government laptops and removable media containing personal information. In the last week alone we've seen records of 600,00 people have been lost by the Royal Navy, as well as the loss of 4000 … read more

  • British Army Developing Invisible Tanks

    If reports are to be believed, the Ministry of Defence in conjunction with QinetiQ (lots of MOD contracts), and the British Army, are testing technology that can make tanks and troops invisible. Apparently it works by using "cameras and projectors to beam images captured from the surrounding … read more

  • I Was Wrong - It's Riise's Payslip

    According to this BBC report, Liverpool FC have launched an investigation into how John Arne Riise's payslip has appeared on the Internet. So, if Riise is on 120 grand a week base salary, what is Gerrard on? read more

  • Look What You've Done Radiohead!

    On Saturday I wrote about how the news that Radiohead's decision to bypass the record labels and distribute their album themselves, at a price chosen by the customer, may signal the demise of the industry. Well guess what, this week Nine Inch Nails, Jamiroquai, Oasis, and, wait for it, Madonna, have … read more

  • Another Hammer in the Coffin for Record Labels?

    On the 10th October, Radiohead will release their new album 'In Rainbows'. More interestingly however, the album will be made available as a download from their own website and we, the customer, can decide how much we want to pay for it. If we don't like it, we don't have to pay a penny! What's … read more

  • I complained to FIFA, you should too!

    I've just read this news story on BBC Sport about comments made by FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner. I was so incensed it drove me to writing a strongly worded complaint to FIFA calling for his immediate resignation. What do you think, should we finance a 'hit' on him? Complain here read more

  • Britain's banks face £1bn bill from charges revolt | Special report | Guardian Unlimited Business

    HSBC's half year results show that the banks are having to pay a lot more out than previously thought: Britain's banks face £1bn bill from charges revolt | Special report | Guardian Unlimited Business If you haven't already claimed back your unfair charges, like we did, you've probably missed the … read more

  • Banks agree to charges test case

    The banks must be tired of paying out to those of us (in our thousands) that have reclaimed bank charges, as they're finally accepting a test case in the courts. Having worked for banks and knowing a little about their operations, I doubt very much that they'll be able to prove that they can justify … read more

  • Liverpool unveil stadium plans

    Liverpool today unveiled the design for the new stadium, scheduled to open in 2010. The design is an upgrade on the initial plans as the new owner's would like to be able to increase capacity above 75,000, subject to the plans being approved by Liverpool council. It was always a nightmare getting … read more