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  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-14

    RT @ev: This is interesting: @change_for_iran # Now on our way to Montville Treehouses in the Glasshouse Mountains. Staying for 1 night to check it out #weddingplanning # On our way to Mooloolaba to check out the river cruises #weddingplanning # Finally opening a bottle of wine and sitting down to a … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-07

    Finally - Kazakhstan v England World Cup qualifier being shown on ESPN here in Aus tonight. # Happy birthday Queensland - 150 today.. # Chaser's WoE suspended for 2 weeks due to What's the world coming to. If you don't like satire just don't watch it! # … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-31

    At Brisbane airport about to fly to Sydney for a 1 day PCI QSA re-cert course. # Come on Everton! Strange thing to say coming from a Liverpool fan I know, but I can't stand Chelsea. # The difference between marketing and sales - # RT @bbcsport: A deal to allow England football … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-24

    @rileypollard ok cheers for the heads up. That would be just our luck! in reply to rileypollard # Driving towards a rainbow - # Stopped off at the North Lakes Tavern for a spot of lunch and a pint of Guiness. # After 2 years I think we've finally … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-17

    Traffic chaos and train delays. Glad I'm working from home today! # Up and about surprisingly fresh this morning even though I didn't get to bed 'till 1am last night due to #Liverpool game. Very strange. # Not keen on the UK's entry for #eurovision this year. It's no Bucks Fizz! # Come on Arsenal. … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-10

    RT Under the Taliban, beards were compulsory, which meant that Afghans couldn't enter international boxing contests. (via @qikipedia) # At the Hyatt Regency Coolum on a work jolly, also brought Rach and Lauren # Into the Wild - remarkable movie # Job done. On my way back to … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

    All over at Anfield. 3 points but we still need a major fubar from Man Utd. I suppose I ought to go to bed now. Maybe one more JD & Coke... # Lucas makes it 3-0 for #Liverpool. His first premier league goal. He's still shit! # The Kopites singing 'You should have stayed on the tele' to Shearer. … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

    My first 'proper' pint in nearly 2 years - # I've found a place that sells John Smiths Extra Smooth. All in the world is right again! # Stayed up to watch LFC. Shit game but it's the 3 points that count. # The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-19

    At IKEA. Again. Had to hire a van to take some stuff back and swap it. # Having probs with XBMC Babylon for ATV. Reverting to Atlantis. # Pirate Bay founders jailed - What does this mean for the future of torrent sites? # Watching a fantastic lightning storm # Only one more spot … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-12

    We seem to have moved next door to a laughing Hyena. # Sent Easter Sunday building furniture. Still not finished. Deep joy! # Just been advised it will be another 5-8 days before I'm back up on ADSL. Bloody useless! # Getting wireless backups and NAS working using my new Apple Airport Extreme # … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-05

    Those jammy Manc twats have done it again. Looks like it's gonna go right to the wire! # Flight to Sydney delayed. Bugger. At least I can get a phone signal at the airport. My new house seems to be in a comms black hole. # Having brekkie at IKEA before we buy some stuff for the new house # Moving … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-29

    What a wet, miserable morning. It's still not as grey as England though! # Earth Hour over. I dozed off. I can get back to negligently burning fossil fuels so there's none left for my future grandkids now. # About to switch off for Earth Hour. Candles at the ready... # Busy day packing ahead. Moving … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-22

    Watching Later with Jools Holland. Chuffed this is now being shown here. Great for discovering new music. Best accompanied with wine I find. # Waking up to fantastic overnight footie results for Liverpool # #qldelection09 over. Bligh has retained power. 5th term for the Labour party. # Definitely … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

    Surrounded by mums and babies. Some of whom clearly need their nappies changing. The stench is spoiling the aroma of my coffee. # No work today in lieu of Friday. Having brekkie at the mall followed by a spot of shopping, then haircut, then back to work on IPChitChat. # Trying out dropbox for those … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-01

    Everyone's gone to bed. Sat here with my old friend Daniels, Jack Daniels. Listening to a bit of Seal. # Getting vigorously beat up by my daughter # Just sent out the agenda for tomorrow night's Brisbane Internet Business Meetup. Should be a good one, had 33 Yes RSVP's. # Was yesterday Pancake … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-22

    Simply Red were great but the night ended badly. It was a bad idea taking the kids. And I lost my sunnies. Again. # Lots of couples dancing in the audience, it's that kind of night. I'd be up dancing with Rach if it wasn't my 10th bottle, # Oh yes. Classic songs sung perfectly. # It's all a blur … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-15

    @agent_x I can't really see much difference between the two (which makes me wonder why I paid for Tweetie)? in reply to agent_x # Starting another busy week. # Trying out Tweetie on the iPhone. It's past midnight so I suppose I should get my head down now. Night night! # Been working most of the … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-08

    Been swimming under waterfalls in the Glasshouse Mountains. Now having dinner before returning home. # Having a late breakfast then heading into the hinterland to swim under some waterfalls before heading home # A little bit sunburnt again. I thought I was being really careful as well. Had great fun … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

    Been doing web development all weekend. Determined to get live sometime this decade! # Opened a bottle of wine and watching The Commitments with Rach - classic film! # ...and managed to get in a game of cricket with the kids. Still got a few things to do though and it's way past wine … read more

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-25

    Swimming in the rain, very liberating! # It's pissing it down. So much for going to the beach. # Updating the blogging component on # At my Internet business meetup group - and 2 Internet celebrities have shown up! # Designing a new risk methodology - my head is hurting! # Do I stay … read more