• A Year with the Apple HomePod

    When Apple finally released the HomePod on the 9th Feb 2018 it didn’t take me long to buy one. I had looked at the Google Home and Amazon Echo with curiosity, but was never really tempted. I’m an Apple Music subscriber for one, and I was also reluctant to put an Amazon or Google listening device in … read more

  • A Fresh Lick of Paint

    "> <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " style="max-width:659px;overflow:hidden;"> <div class="image-block-wrapper"> <div class="sqs-image-shape-container-element " … read more

  • PCC - Tweets Aren't Private

    The British Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has ruled that journalists are within their rights to quote tweets from Twitter because they are not private. The case centres around Department of Transport employee Sarah Bakersville's tweets that were quoted in two national newspapers without her … read more

  • Free iPhone Lonely Planet Guides

    A number of Lonely Planet travel apps for iPhone are currently available free. These are for cities in the US and Canada including New York, LA, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Seattle. Get them while you can as the offer runs out Friday 4th Feb (today). They did the same thing just before Christmas when … read more

  • Missing Images

    Looking down my blog at previous blog posts I've noticed that some of the images are no longer showing. I've done some investigation and this seems to be a problem caused by iPhoto. I use iPhoto on my Mac to store and manage all my photo's, and then publish them to Flickr using the built-in features … read more

  • Everyone's Twittering

    The use of Twitter seems to have taken off enormously over the past few months as people are realising how the tool can be used not only for messaging, but also for marketing and self-promotion. It's interesting to see all the celebrities that are now 'tweeting'. Some of them are obviously just … read more

  • Google Chrome

    Google has finally entered the Internet Browser market with the release of Google Chrome. Only time will tell to see if it can compete with Internet Explorer in terms of market share. For me, Firefox is the best browser out there but it still only has a 20% share of the market - even IE6 which is … read more

  • Taking a Bite of the Apple

    I'm now the proud owner of a new Apple MacBook Pro. It's actually the first computer I've bought in about 8 years as I usually just use the laptop provided by work. But now that I'm doing web development work, both at home and at work, I needed something that I could rely on and a machine that … read more

  • Another Format War is Over

    After two years of battle between Sony's Blueray and Toshiba's HD-DVD technology, the High Definition format war is finally over. Now that all 6 major movie studios have backed Blueray, Toshiba has been left with no choice but to discontinue production of the HD-DVD disks. As with the previous … read more

  • Google to save the planet

    It seems Google are not content with just 'organising the world's information'. They're now branching into developing clean energy technology to help address climate change. They're taking the Toyota Prius hybrid car as a start and further developing this by plugging them into solar charging … read more

  • 3G rubbish

    I've just given up trying to watch the Liverpool v PSV Eindhoven match online via using my T-Mobile 3G data card. When I tried the demo earlier to see if my connection speeds would cope it seemed ok, but when I've tried to watch the live match it just keeps stuttering - I reckon I've … read more

  • Update Checker

    I really like the new Filehippo Update Checker. It scans your installed applications and checks to see if you have the latest versions installed. This is important because it's not just your operating system that can contain security vulnerabilities that need patching - applications need patching … read more

  • 30+ hacks and extensions for Gmail

    I've been a Gmail user for 15 months now so these hacks and extensions could be quite useful. read more