• Everyone's Twittering

    The use of Twitter seems to have taken off enormously over the past few months as people are realising how the tool can be used not only for messaging, but also for marketing and self-promotion. It's interesting to see all the celebrities that are now 'tweeting'. Some of them are obviously just … read more

  • IPChitChat is now LIVE!!!

    I am pleased to announce that after months of development, our new website - - is now live! We originally hired a web developer to build this site but it didn't work out too well. His work turned out to be really shoddy. It's our own fault, we should have done better due … read more

  • Jaxtr - Making International Calls Easy

    I've finally found the perfect service for the Expat. Jaxtr is a service which makes international calls easier, cheaper and much more convenient. It basically means that I can now make calls to the UK from my Australian mobile phone at a cheaper rate than calling from my home phone - even cheaper … read more

  • Connected Ventures

    I want to work for this company... []( read more

  • Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down

    Why not have a nice cup of tea and a sit down :-) read more

  • Farecast - Airfare Predictions

    If you're considering taking a flight in the foreseeable future, you might want to check out The good thing about Farecast is that not only does it help you find the cheapest flight, it also predicts when the price of the flights will rise or fall. It's a US website so the prices are … read more

  • Blogging for dosh

    Apparently there are over 50 million blogs in the blogosphere now, ranging from occasional bloggers like me, to full-time professional bloggers, some of whom get more readers and subscribers than many national newspapers. If you've ever wondered how people make money from blogging, take a look at … read more

  • Travel Money Maximiser

    Another great tool from Martin Lewis' site. First he helped us find cheap flights. Then he helped us make cheap international calls. Now here's a great resource to help you get the most foreign currency for your pound. It's not much use to us anymore but bear it in mind if you ever come to visit us … read more

  • John Smeaton - a hero of our time

    It seems John Smeaton has become a bit of a cult hero on the web. Only in Glasgow would a member of the public tackle a man on fire and get a boot in. There's now numerous sites and videos on the web dedicated to (mostly taking the piss out of) John Smeaton. I know I shouldn't, but you've got to … read more

  • Mashable

    Being a bit of a web geek, I like to keep track of developments in the web2.0 space. There's a lot of new websites popping up everyday now taking advantage of advanced web scripting languages that add interactivity and social networking. Some of them are actually quite exciting and are making a lot … read more

  • Google to save the planet

    It seems Google are not content with just 'organising the world's information'. They're now branching into developing clean energy technology to help address climate change. They're taking the Toyota Prius hybrid car as a start and further developing this by plugging them into solar charging … read more

  • Finetune

    I've just discovered Finetune. It struck me today that while I've now got quite a large collection of music on my iPod, covering lots of different musical genres, I'd say 90% of the music is what you'd call commercial from well known artists past and present. I'm often reading reviews of great music … read more

  • Do My Stuff

    Why didn't I think of that? Website DoMyStuff lets you outsource your tedious tasks to people in your area who bid on your to do's. So for instance, you could offer out payment for someone to clean your car, do some painting, gardening, etc and the person who bids the lowest amount gets the job. … read more

  • Update Checker

    I really like the new Filehippo Update Checker. It scans your installed applications and checks to see if you have the latest versions installed. This is important because it's not just your operating system that can contain security vulnerabilities that need patching - applications need patching … read more

  • Free Hugs

    This won most inspirational video at the You Tube awards. I thought it might be Danny Wallace at first - certainly the kind of thing that he would do: [youtube [](]) read more

  • 30+ hacks and extensions for Gmail

    I've been a Gmail user for 15 months now so these hacks and extensions could be quite useful. read more

  • Oz weather

    Great article comparing the weather between the major cities. Rach is set on that we're moving to Brisbane but I'm still open to the possibility of trying out other areas. I guess I better make my mind up soon, if all goes well we've only got 3 months to go! read more

  • eggbaconchipsandbeans

    eggbaconchipsandbeans Oh my god, a blog about Cafe's, whatever next! read more