Who would be a football manager? It seems that coming second in the Premier League and making the final of the Champions League (something Mourinho didn't manage for Chelsea) isn't good enough if you're a manager for a club that's owned by a billionaire.

Sadly, it looks like the top clubs in the EPL are going to start suffering the same fate as Real Madrid and Barcelona, with a constantly revolving door ushering in a new Manager each season. It pains me to say it being a Liverpool supporter, but you've got to admire Manchester United. Alex Ferguson achieved tremendous success in the 90's but in the last few years when Man Utd played second fiddle to Chelsea and Arsenal the board at Man Utd kept faith with their manager. It makes you wonder how many more seasons Wenger could last in the current climate if he doesn't deliver the Premiership trophy for Arsenal again.

I'd be embarrassed to be a Chelsea fan right now. Where is the heart and soul of the club? How can you support a club whose formula for success is to pour hundreds of millions of pounds into the club and then sack the Manager if he doesn't achieve miracles within months of joining?

It's a sad state of affairs.