After loving 'Yes Man' by Danny Wallace, I've bought his earlier book 'Join Me' the story of how he started a cult, which I'm finding to be equally as funny and entertaining. I think the reason I like his books so much is because like him, I enjoy stupid pointless things, and believe things which may at first seem to most people like stupid pointless things, can actually turn into life changing, or at least life affirming experiences, as his books show.

When we drove up to the Sunshine Coast while in Oz, we passed an attraction called The Big Pineapple. We never actually stopped to see what this is, but now I know (it's part of the story in 'Yes Man') that The Big Pineapple is one of many 'Big Things' dotted around Australia. Now some people might think how pointless, but I think it's great, and I vow to visit all the Big Things when we move to Australia. Rach is not aware yet of this wonderful adventure I have planned for us but I'm sure she'll have as much enthusiasm for it as me.

There's even a website for the Big Things -

I was going to post a photo here of The Big Pineapple, one from the many available on the Internet. But then I thought, copyright law aside, I was stupid enough not to stop and take in the wonder of the Big Pineapple when I had chance. So I've no right to do this. The Big Things pictures will commence when the journey begins.