A quick run down of what we got up to last weekend:

On Friday Rach took the day off and went to Australia Zoo with Steph and the kids. I managed to get out of it and stayed at home.

When they got back Rach, Steph and Julie from next door went for a night out in the city, returning about 2am - the dirty stop-outs!

On Saturday morning we all went to Manly for Bonny's birthday BBQ. Bonny, who's 11, is Cath's daughter (Cath is Rachelle's godmother) and both are the closest thing we have to family in Brisbane. It was really weird having a BBQ and eating birthday cake by the ocean at 9:30 in the morning. Nice though!

After the BBQ, I went home while Rach took Steph and the kids to Sea World. It only seemed like 2 minutes since we last visited Sea World so I gave it a miss.

When they got back we were invited next door as it was Reyce's birthday (George and Julie's daughter). One drink turned into many and before I new it myself and George were finishing off a bottle of rum. I left him at 1:30am passed out on the sofa - this time Navy had won in the Navy v Air Force drinking contest!

On Sunday we went in the pool in the morning (to sober up), then went out at lunchtime to Mcdonald's for Reyce's birthday party.

Not a bad weekend I'd say considering it's November. Sure beats the weekends I used to have in November - cold and wet is all I can remember about Novembers in the UK.

It's now been 6 months since we arrived and I still feel in holiday mode. I plan to stay in holiday mode!

More photo's on flickr.