Brisbane CBD comes to a stand-still for Brett Irwin funeral

I should read the local papers more often, as when I went out for lunch today I had no clue why roadblocks had been set up and why police were milling everywhere. I soon discovered the reason why when I came round the corner to St Stephen’s Cathedral. It was the funeral for Brett Irwin – the police officer who was shot dead last Wednesday issuing an arrest warrant to a man in Brisbane’s north west.

As you can see from the photo’s I took, the mourners and onlookers were numbered in their thousands….
According to the local paper there were 3000 police officers in attendance…

This would have been a good time to rob a bank..

Photo’s were taken with my camera phone, hence the dodgy quality. I didn’t take any pics of the honour guard as they came out of the cathedral as I thought it would have been a bit crass to have taken photo’s while everyone was paying their respects (especially when there’s 3000 coppers in the immediate vicinity!).

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