I took some time out after the New Year to go on a solo photography tour of the east coast of Tasmania. In a busy 4 days, I started in Launceston before driving over to the Bay of Fires, then down to Freycinet National Park, visiting various stops on the way, and finally on to Hobart. The weather was a bit ordinary, although a nice relief from the 30+ degree temperatures in Brisbane at the moment. It was raining much of the time but I managed to get a few decent shots.

This one was taken in a small place called The Gardens in the Bay of Fires. The whole areas is extraordinarily beautiful. White beaches and turquoise waters set against orange-hued granite rocks. The orange on the rocks is produced by lichen. I've no ideas why it's particular to that area but it sure looks nice. I'll post another photo later that shows the rocks in more detail.

The water was freezing by the way, even though it is the middle of summer. It shouldn't be too surprising really given its proximity to Antarctica.