In July we went on a mini road-trip to the Coffs Coast in New South Wales, where we visited Coffs Harbour and then headed inland up into the mountains and rainforests.

The road between Coffs Harbour and the inland university town of Armidale is known as 'Waterfall Way', the name gives it away but I can tell you after driving it that it must surely be one of the most scenic drives in Australia.

After a night in Coffs Harbour we drove up Waterfall Way to Dorrigo - a lovely little country town half way up a mountain. I'm so glad we hired a car because our little shit-mobile would never have made it!

After staying in a hotel described on Tripadvisor as the Bates Motel (we actually liked it), we went to Dorrigo National Park and walked through the rainforest to the Crystal Shower Falls.

There were no shortage of waterfalls to choose from but what's perhaps unique about this one is that you can actually walk behind it. If you look towards the bottom of the photo, that's a cave behind the falls that you can walk into and experience the might of that cascading water right in front of you. It was quite an experience.