Yesterday myself and Lauren took a trip up to Mount Coo-Tha to take some pics while Rach did some cooking to get ready for the ‘divas’ coming round.

We had a quick look around the Botanical Gardens which deserve a much longer stay than what we afforded, before heading up to the scenic lookout to catch sunset over Brisbane.

These will probably my last photos taken with my trusty old Canon EOS 400D as I've now ordered the Canon EOS 60D. I may have to take another trip up and take some pics with the new camera to see how they compare.

Some of these shots were also taken using my iPhone has a remote shutter release using the TriggerTrap iOS app - an app I tried for the first time this weekend. One of the features of TriggerTrap is the ability to take time-lapse photos. I had a go at this recording the sunset shadow slowly setting over Brisbane - approximately 1 photo every minute. Unfortunately I soon got bored stood there next to the camera while the app did its work and only took 16 shots of time-lapse photos. When that converts to a 25 fps HD video it comes out at less than a second. Next time I'll take a chair with me and some warm clothing and do it properly.