Time to Make an App?

The incredible growth of the Apple iTunes app store means there’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a good idea to make a decent profit. It doesn’t have to be confined to iPhone or iPad apps either. A good idea could lead to separate native apps for android, mac, windows, blackberry and all the other platforms that seem to be propping up. Each one is a potential revenue stream.

Check out these stats…..

1567% Growth Rate Gut Check on Michelle MacPhearson

Check out this statistic from Nielsen:

In 2009, there were 300 million app downloads!

In 2010 there were 5 BILLION app downloads.

That’s a 1567% rate of growth!

(Little tip here… Apple is also responsible for 99.4% of those downloads. That means the Apple App Store.)

But it’s probably just a fad, eh?

Not according to research form Gartner, who forecasts app downloads to top 17.7 BILLION in 2011, with $15.1 billion in revenue from those app downloads.

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