Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-07

  • Finally – Kazakhstan v England World Cup qualifier being shown on ESPN here in Aus tonight. #
  • Happy birthday Queensland – 150 today.. #
  • Chaser’s WoE suspended for 2 weeks due to What’s the world coming to. If you don’t like satire just don’t watch it! #
  • @iaindale enjoying the coverage from Brisbane, Australia. #electionstudio #
  • If you don’t think the BNP is racist, listen to the BNP deputy leader being interviewed on Play Talk UK now – #
  • Known Labour supporter and ‘celebrity’ Alan Sugar to be made a Lord and government Enterprise Czar. How cynical? #
  • I can’t believe the BPN are getting up to 15% of the vote in some local UK elections. So much for progress against racism. #
  • Following the elections, resignations and cabinet re-shuffles. Interesting day for UK politics. Surely Gordon Brown’s days are numbered. #
  • Early start this morning for an 8am conf call with Argentina. Hope I can understand them and viva versa. #
  • North Korea on the map: group of amateur spies has used Google Earth to provide a rare glim.. (via @brisbanetimes) #
  • At Sydney Airport on my way home with banging headache after 2 hour exam. I hate exams. Even when they are easy. #

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