Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-10

  • RT Under the Taliban, beards were compulsory, which meant that Afghans couldn’t enter international boxing contests. (via @qikipedia) #
  • At the Hyatt Regency Coolum on a work jolly, also brought Rach and Lauren #
  • Into the Wild – remarkable movie #
  • Job done. On my way back to Brisbane. #
  • Just scheduled the next meetup for the Brisbane Internet Business Meetup Group. RSVP while you can (limit is 30) – #
  • Twitter should add this spam rule if they haven’t already… IF new user’s first tweet contains ‘NSFW’ , suspend the account’. V prob spam. #
  • Accidentally set off the intruder alarm in a highly secure data centre today. Thought I was going to get shot! #
  • The view from my hotel #
  • Getting lost in Central Station, trying to find the next train to North Sydney #
  • Farewell Sami – #
  • Am I colour-blind or are Yellow Cabs in Brisbane actually orange? #
  • On my way to Sydney for a 2 day client visit #
  • I’ve just been driven in a taxi by Billy Connelly. At least it sounded like him. #
  • 141 on Flight Control. My work is done. #

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