Something is seriously wrong with my brain this week.  Two incidents give cause for concern that I may have Frank Spencer syndrome: Incident 1 - over the weekend Rach asked me to have a look at the car because it wouldn't start.  I got in it, turned the key and I got absolutely nothing from the engine. Totally dead.  The lights were working and so was the radio, so no problems with the battery.  The engine just wouldn't turn over.  So after looking through the manual and under the hood, trying to kid myself that I know something about cars, I rang RACQ.

The RACQ man arrived within about 20 minutes.  He opened the driver door, had a look inside, then turned to me and said 'can you try starting the car again please'.  So I got in and again tried to start the car.  After it wouldn't start I looked at him and noticed that he had a mocking smirk on his face and was looking at the gear stick.  It's then that it dawned on me...

The last time I drove the car I must have switched the engine off while it was still in Drive, not Parked as you should with automatics.  The engine won't start in automatics if you're already in Drive - a quite sensible safety feature, as if you haven't got your foot on the brake you will drive into your garage wall!

Such a schoolboy error.  In my defence this is my first automatic car but even so, it was rather embarrassing.  Luckily the RACQ man didn't give me too much stick.  He said it was quite a common occurance (not sure if he was humouring me or not) and was happy because he was hoping this would be an easy call-out.

Rach never noticed it was in Drive either so there's two dullards in our house.

Incident 2 - today I'm in North Sydney doing a security audit for a customer.  As part of the audit I went out to their highly secure data centre to do a physical security inspection.  The building is one of those unmarked, CCTV cameras everywhere buildings that big companies and government agencies use to host their servers.  On completion of the inspection I inadvertantly managed to set off the bulding intruder alarm.

To exit, badge holders have to use the mantraps with fingerprint recognition and card reader authentication, whereas visitors can just press a button and wait to be let out.

Anyway, I pressed the button, waited a few seconds, but nothing happened.  I then pressed the button again, thought I heard a click and then proceeded to open the door.  As soon as I did an ear-piercing alarm went off throughout the building, and I nearly shat myself!  The security guards came running towards me and quickly realised that they were dealing with an idiot.

As it turned out, I'd completely missed the large sign on the door which states 'WAIT UNTIL THE LIGHT TURNS FROM RED TO GREEN BEFORE OPENING THIS DOOR'.  I'd somehow not noticed the sign, or the lights.

I think I need more sleep.