Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

  • All over at Anfield. 3 points but we still need a major fubar from Man Utd. I suppose I ought to go to bed now. Maybe one more JD & Coke… #
  • Lucas makes it 3-0 for #Liverpool. His first premier league goal. He’s still shit! #
  • The Kopites singing ‘You should have stayed on the tele’ to Shearer. Classic! #
  • Red card for Joey Barton. He needs a slap! #
  • Half time at Anfield. So far so good. #
  • Plenty of shooting practice for #Liverpool. Newcastle are always good value! #
  • Too easy! Kuyt makes it 2-0 for Liverpool. #
  • Oh Yes. Nice one Yossi. Liverpool 1 Newcastle 0 after 21 minutes. #
  • About to watch the #Liverpool match. Lets hope they can cheer me up after the Hatton loss earlier. #
  • Pacquiao is unbelievable #
  • About to watch the Ricky Hatton fight and paying $40 for the privilege – robbing bastards! #
  • Rach has just beat my high score on Flight Control on the iPhone. Bitch! #
  • Not a good idea – #
  • No way. He wouldn’t do it. Would he? – #
  • RT @empireofthekop: Swine Flu traced back to Old Trafford – #
  • Office 2007 SP2 is out. Hopefully it will sort out the problems I’ve been having with it constantly crashing on my VM image. We’ll see. #
  • Looking forward to the Paquaio vs Hatton fight this weekend #
  • My train keeps breaking down #
  • It’s a cold one this morning. Won’t be long before the hot water bottles come out. #
  • Feeling refreshed after a 2-hour karate session. Not looking forward to the inevitable aching though. Maybe need to start yoga. #

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