Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-22

  • Watching Later with Jools Holland. Chuffed this is now being shown here. Great for discovering new music. Best accompanied with wine I find. #
  • Waking up to fantastic overnight footie results for Liverpool #
  • #qldelection09 over. Bligh has retained power. 5th term for the Labour party. #
  • Definitely recommend the Lighthouse restaurant. I need a lie down now though! #
  • @schnauzer_power yeah, great location and gorgeous meal. in reply to schnauzer_power #
  • Having dinner at the Lighthouse restaurant, Cleveland #
  • Anfield Hillsborough Memorial on Google Maps Street View – #
  • Not Chelsea, again! Liverpool v Chelsea in the Champions League QF. If we beat them it’s Barcelona or Bayern Munich in the Semis. #
  • Of course, the problem with resorting to a VMWare snapshot from May 2008 is that you have to remember what password you used in May 2008! #
  • Just gone back in time to May 2008 (to a previous VMWare windows snapshot because my current one is screwed). Never have a problem with Mac #
  • Another job complete with my favourite client. Now sipping a Stella waiting for my plane back to Brisbane. #
  • In need of a Joomla Virtuemart developer for ad-hoc development work. Please contact me if interested. #
  • On my way to Sydney for a 2 day client visit #
  • Just sent out invites for the March Brisbane Internet Business Meetup #
  • A mad thunderstorm is overhead. Damn, I’ve got to drive out in it shortly for our weekly painfest. #
  • Made the mistake of going to a hair stylist instead of a barber. Had to fill in a 4 page questionnaire just to get a short back and sides. #

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