Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-22

  • Simply Red were great but the night ended badly. It was a bad idea taking the kids. And I lost my sunnies. Again. #
  • Lots of couples dancing in the audience, it’s that kind of night. I’d be up dancing with Rach if it wasn’t my 10th bottle, #
  • Oh yes. Classic songs sung perfectly. #
  • It’s all a blur #
  • Simply Red are as good as ever #
  • Mick hucknall doing his thang. Ooh yeah! #
  • Starting a wave not nobody’s joining in #
  • Getting ready for Simply Red while the kids beat me over the head. Kids can be so cruel. #
  • In the mood for loooov #
  • I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar… #
  • Realize I’m on my eighth mini bottle of wine. Apologies for the inconprehebsible texts! #
  • Made it back through the mud without slippage. Result! #
  • Disorganisation at the done queue #
  • Time for another portaloo break. I really am quite anibriated now. #
  • Kate Ceberano is now on. Sultry! #
  • Time to break put the egg sandwiches. #
  • Lauren just had her 1st portaloo experience. She wasn’t impressed. #
  • Dragon are pretty good . I love discovering new music. It’s now pissing it down. I’m wearing a bin liner. #
  • Here we go, the first band is on – ‘Dragon’ from New Zealand. A little bit Country, a little bit Rock ‘n Roll. #
  • On my 4th mini bottle of red and the 1st band hasn’t started yet. Oh dear. #
  • At Sirromet winery waiting for the show to start – headlined by Simply Red. Sat here on the green with our picnic & wine. #
  • Watched ‘How to lose friends and alienate people’ last night. Pleasantly surprised as it was funnier than I expected. #
  • England Expects…. – #
  • Having breakfast – the most important meal of the morning! #
  • I love pointless stuff like this Running from Camera blog – #
  • RT @cmail_qld: Croc on loose in Brisbane.. #
  • Rach and I have been together 9 years today. You get less for Armed Robbery! #
  • How come the clock slows down when I’m writing security audit guidelines? MIND NUMBING BOREDOM. #
  • Has been hacked already? The homepage is illiciting some strange behaviour. #
  • Another day, another dollar. #
  • The company I work for (as opposed to the company I own) just won a $3m contract. Not bad for a small company. Bonuses all around? Unlikely! #
  • Just back from our 2nd Karate class. Joined up proper now – must be a sucker for punishment! #

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