Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-15

  • @agent_x I can’t really see much difference between the two (which makes me wonder why I paid for Tweetie)? in reply to agent_x #
  • Starting another busy week. #
  • Trying out Tweetie on the iPhone. It’s past midnight so I suppose I should get my head down now. Night night! #
  • Been working most of the weekend. It’s my fault for underestimating the time it takes to do things and not managing expectations properly. #
  • About to have our Valentine’s Dinner – we’ve ordered out for pizza and pasta. Classy! #
  • Left it a bit late to go for a run around the lake tonight – it was already starting to get dark. I must have swallowed a dozen mozzies! #
  • RT @KevinRuddPM: Join Australian’s in 1 minute twitter silence @ 4pm today in memory of those who lost their lives in Vic & QLD #bushfires #
  • Watching Joaquin Phoenix on the David Letterman show. Bizarre. Very bizarre. Is this for real? #
  • Just watched Oliver Stone’s ‘W’. A little disappointing. He made it too soon, he should have waited a few years. There’s no real ending. #
  • Starting the weekend with a nice glass of Cab Sav #
  • It sounds like England were completely outclassed by Spain. #
  • The stories coming out of the Victoria bush fires are heartbreaking. #
  • Just been awarded ‘champ of the week’ at work and given a gift voucher. How embarrassing! #
  • Aching from last night’s exertions. I’ve no doubt it will get worse as the day progresses. #
  • Me and Lauren are back from our first Karate lesson. 2 hours of pain! Now off to ‘paint the fence’ and ‘sand the deck’. #

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