Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-08

  • Been swimming under waterfalls in the Glasshouse Mountains. Now having dinner before returning home. #
  • Having a late breakfast then heading into the hinterland to swim under some waterfalls before heading home #
  • A little bit sunburnt again. I thought I was being really careful as well. Had great fun being dumped by the huge waves though. #
  • Lazing by the pool getting stuck into the new John Grisham novel. Probably hit the beach later. #
  • My iPod and iPod dock have just fallen in to the jacuzzi. Shit! #
  • In a rooftop jacuzzi sipping JD and coke staring at the moon and stars on a beautiful clear evening in Mooloolaba #
  • At an apartment in Mooloolaba for the weekend #
  • RT @yarostarak: Living in the hottest country on the planet – #
  • Wondering if I can join the Brisbane Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Meetup Group even though I’ve never been a Jehovah’s Witness. Sounds like fun! #
  • Liverpool are out of the FA Cup. Bugger! #
  • Using the new Faces and Places feature in iPhoto ’09 – pretty cool stuff! #
  • Got home from work early enough for a dip in the pool for a change. Bliss! #
  • Just bought the new John Grisham book – ‘The Associate’. Read all his others. I’m hoping this is a return to form. #
  • Too much work on – not enough hours in the day #
  • Keane has gone back to Spurs. Thank god for that! #

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