Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

  • Been doing web development all weekend. Determined to get live sometime this decade! #
  • Opened a bottle of wine and watching The Commitments with Rach – classic film! #
  • …and managed to get in a game of cricket with the kids. Still got a few things to do though and it’s way past wine o’clock! #
  • Had a really productive day today. Fixed a long-standing issue with, and completed some other tasks on my http://#
  • It looks like this has been the best ever month for sales revenue. Recession. What recession? #
  • Quite possible the best iPhone app ever – #
  • I may be doing my bit for the environment by using public transport but there’s a price to pay – other people’s B.O! #
  • Just had an email from Apple to say iLife has been shipped. Did they read my tweet? #
  • Discovering the power of nested IF functions in excel and sharepoint to calculate risk #
  • Apple iLife 09, which I ordered on the 23rd, is not being delivered until the 3rd feb. Ridiculous! I should have just gone to a shop. #
  • Happy Australia Day peeps, for what’s left of it anyway. The long weekend went far too quickly for my liking. #

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