Meeting Internet Celebrities

Last night I held my January Brisbane Internet Business Meetup.  Of the 82 members (as of today) I think only 14 turned up but that didn’t detract from what was a really good night.  In particular, our group was blessed by the presence of two genuine internet celebrities:
Yaro Starak is a blogger who I’ve been following for nearly 2 years now.  His blog – is one of the most popular and successful blogs about blogging and internet marketing there is.  He also has a highly successful blogging course – Blog Mastermined, amongst other things, and regularly guest posts on some of the biggest blogs on the web.  It was partly due to his well written and researched articles that inspired me to start learning about internet marketing and internet business in general.  It was great to get the opportunity to meet Yaro who has recently returned from spending 6 months travelling around the world, running his internet business from his laptop in whichever city he happened to be in at the time.

Alborz Fallah is the owner of – one of the top car blogs in Australia.  I first heard of Alborz after listening to a podcast interview that Yaro did with him, in which he tells the story of how writing about his passion while he had some quiet time working on an IT helpdesk turned into the amazing success story it is today.  Business schools should use his story as a case study of how a small nimble operation can take on and beat the industry giants!  Alborz is now living the dream – getting to test drive the best cars in the world.  He had me particularly envious when he recounted the story of his recent trip where he got to drive a Bugatti Veyron across Europe, which at 1000HP and a price tag of $1.1 million Euros is the fastest production car in the world.

It was great to meet Yaro and Alborz, as well as the other new faces that turned up.  I made some useful contacts, met some fellow british expats and got some information that will hopefully help me finally get up and running.

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