Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-18

  • Nursing a serious hangover #
  • @yarostarak Fring and Twitterific works well for me. in reply to yarostarak #
  • Shitfaced on jim bean bourbon #
  • Having a BBQ and a few wines at George and Julie’s #
  • Queensland offers “the best job in the world” – #
  • On my way back to Brissie #
  • Having dinner on the boardwalk – mussells in white wine followed by Berkshire pork strip-loin, cortousy of expenses! #
  • Finished work. Now walking along Nobby’s beach, Newcastle watching the kite surfers #
  • At a motel just outside Newcastle, NSW #
  • At Brisbane airport waiting to catch a flight to Newcastle for a 2 day client visit. Flight delayed. Typical! #

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