Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-11

  • Pondering my goals for 2009. Should I aim high or be pragmatic? #
  • Now have 66 members in my Brisbane Internet Business Meetup Group. Whoo-ooh! #
  • Going to Cath’s for scran #
  • This week has been a struggle getting back into things #
  • Going to watch Lauren’s swimming lessons #
  • Back to the gym #
  • Moving my blog to #
  • Daryl is blogging ab This Blog Has Moved: I’ve finally got round to moving my blog to my own.. #
  • Said goodbye to rach’s parents. No idea when we’ll see them again. #
  • Liverpool were awful #
  • Love the soundtrack to Dan in Real Life. #
  • Just bought a guitar on ebay. Guitar Hero has gone to my head! Should I get private lessons or self-teach through books/online? #
  • @tykal ok cheers, I’ll take a look. in reply to tykal #
  • Putting together the January newsletter for #

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