Rachelle's Mum and Dad arrived safely on Friday to join us for Xmas and new year. I think Mandy in particular was a little shocked about the heat and humidity. We did warn them about coming to Brisbane in Summer!

On Sunday we all went to Rach's boat club for Sunday lunch and the kids Xmas party with George, Julie and Reyce. In typical aussie style the xmas party was a little different, with Santa arriving by boat...



It really was a dismal attempt at a Santa. Lauren was not convinced, or impressed.

Most of the kids dressed up in fancy dress, and so did some of the adults...


By this time I'd already had about 4 beers and half a bottle of wine, so things were getting a little surreal.

After the party we all went back to ours where we sat out and watched the sunset over a few drinks.

The sky looked amazing...



Today, Mandy and Steve have took Lauren up to Noosa for a couple of days with Cath and Bonny. This is the first time that Lauren has been away without us since we arrived in Australia. Last Friday she finished Year 2 so she's now into her 6 week summer holiday. It's Rach's last day today and I finish up for xmas on Thursday. We're both back to work on the 5th Jan so we've got a nice 2 week break to look forward to!

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