Our latest set of visitors arrived safely on Friday - Frances and Rob - so we had a busy weekend playing tour guide.

Friday evening we took them to the Manly Harbour Village Halloween Street Party. Loads of people dressed up (kids and adults) and joined in with the 'spooky street parade' at dusk. There were kids rides, live entertainment, dancers, street performers, and all in all it was a great atmosphere.

We'd booked a table at the Boats restaurant which overlooks Manly parade so we had a great view of proceedings as we were waiting for our meal to arrive.

We later went to Rach's work (boat club) for a drink before proceeding home, and we came out of the club just in time to see the closing fireworks. A pretty good welcome to Australia for Frances and Rob I reckon.

On Saturday, which turned out to be one of the hottest days so far this Spring, we took them down to South Bank and spent some time on the city beach and in the lagoons. We later returned home and went in the pool, before finishing the evening off with a customary barbie and a few beers.

On Sunday I managed to get some work done while Rach and Lauren took them to SeaWorld.

Frances and Rob have now gone up north to the Great Barrier Reef for a few days. If they think it's hot in Brisbane they're in for a shock up there!