Manly Harbour Festival

Yesterday, Rach said she wanted to get some spring cleaning done so I took Lauren down to the Manly Harbour Festival. Here’s a few pics:

A little something for the adults…

And a little something for the kids…

This is a view of the rear of Rachelle’s work. You can see two cranes – one is dredging and the other is pulling out piles – making ready for the new extension to the marina…

We also had a drive round the corner to Wynumm so Lauren could have a swim in the Wading Pool. This is the first time we’ve been there since it has been refurbished. I didn’t realise how huge it is…

Lauren was the only one brave enough to take a swim. It’s still too cold for the Aussies (and me)…

I’m really jealous of Rach getting to work here (certainly beats my view of office blocks)…

I couldn’t believe how quiet it was. It was a bit windy but was still a beautiful day – we definitely needed the sun tan cream.

More photo’s on flickr

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