A landing time of 6:50am meant it was an early start on Sunday to ensure we were there to meet my parents at Brisbane airport. It was great to see them emerge through the arrivals tunnel after not seeing them for 10 months. My mum burst into tears, bless her, and Lauren was very excited to see her Grandma and Grandad. The excitement increased when she discovered they were bearing presents!

My Dad was sporting what looked like a very sore (red) head. He'd got himself sunburnt in Singapore. He'll never learn.

Luckily, after a long period of mediocre weather, Sunday was glorious for their arrival. It was about 27 degrees and barely a cloud in the sky.

I was expecting that they'd want to get their heads down when they got back to our house after a night flight from Singapore, but they instead decided to stay up and see the day through. I've always gone straight to bed after a night flight - I can't function when I'm tired. They're obviously made of sterner stuff than I am. Maybe I was adopted?

Later Sunday morning we took them out to see a bit of Brisbane. We drove to Bulimba and got the CityCat down the Brisbane River to South Bank Parklands. We showed them around South Bank and had a really nice pub lunch.

We got back to our house about 3:30pm, which we decided was a good time to take a swim in the pool. This time of year (Autumn here) the pool spends much of the time in the shade and as it's much cooler in the evenings it doesn't stay particularly warm during the day. You could say the water is 'refreshing'. That would be one way of describing it. Anyway we all braved it with the exception of Rach who I don't think I'll get in their again until Summer. Nesh! It's actually alright once you get in, honest!

After a swim we all played Uno Attack and had a few glasses of wine before it was time for me to depart to Brisbane airport yet again for my flight to Sydney, which is where I am now.

I believe my parents are in Mooloolaba now on the Sunshine Coast (1.5 hours north of Brisbane). Yesterday they spent the day at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast (1 hour north of Brisbane). So they're definitely making the most of their holiday.

I'm flying back to Brisbane mid-afternoon tomorrow so I'm back into time for us all to go out tomorrow night. We're going to see Phantom of the Opera.