The last few weeks have been work, work, work unfortunately, hence the lack of blog posts. However, there's light at the end of the tunnel - this weekend sees the arrival of my parents for their first visit to Oz, and I've made sure to arrange plenty of leave so I can get back into holiday mode again. In fact, we're all off up to Palm Cove in Far Northern Queensland to spend a week on the Great Barrier Reef. Before that though, I've got to make yet another trip to Sydney. The bummer about this Sydney trip is that I've got to go on the day my parents arrive. They arrive Sunday morning and I fly to Sydney on Sunday evening, coming back Thursday.

The reason I've been so busy is due to a combination of factors that have coincided. On the work front we had a major turnover in staff, leaving me as the only member of the Security Compliance team. So as well as having to juggle existing client work I was the only one available to take on new client work. It didn't help that my main existing client work has been at a critical point in the assignment meaning they needed a lot of attention.

Adding to that, the first of the two website that I'm having developed in India, which I previously wrote about here, has finally been handed over to me, which means it's now all on me to get the site ready for go-live. Due to a number of factors, of which I'm not going to go into now but suffice to say things didn't go exactly to plan with the web development company we used (that's an whole other blog post), there's still a lot of work to be done before the site can be launched. The current plan is that go-live will be sometime in June/July and I'm doing all I can to meet these dates, if not sooner.

Thank god I managed to wangle a 4-day work week. They're sure getting their money's worth out of me during the 4-days. With all the work they've put on to me it means I've been having to work during the evenings to keep on top of it - time I would have otherwise spent on the business. At least I've managed to draw a line and not let it run into my weekend time. That 3-day weekend is sacrosanct and has meant I've managed to make some good progress on the website - mainly reverse engineering what the dodgy web developers have done so I can improve it.

It's a slow process but I'm getting there. This time next year we'll be mill... we'll maybe the year after!