I never thought that getting my hair cut could be such a wonderful experience. Being previously used to a 5 minute cut and quick brush down (which always seemed to leave more hair down the back of my shirt than what went on the floor), the first time I got my hair cut in Australia I was pleasantly surprised when on completion of the cut I was treated to a neck shave with cut-throat blade, followed by a hot towel on my face and neck, a head massage, and finally a small hoover device to clean away any residual hair. As this was a lunchtime haircut I think it was the first time in my life that I'd gone back to work after lunch feeling clean and refreshed. All of this for $22 (roughly ten British pounds).

I've since returned to the barbers in question many times. I'm not sure if this is the standard barber experience in Australia but it's yet another small reason why I love Australia.