Well I've completed my first week and I think I'll be happy working there. The club Manager is really nice. On my first day I went in with the intention of asking if there was any way I could alter the 9am -3pm shift which was advertised to 8.30am - 2.30pm so I can pick Lauren up from school, I didn't need to ask she offered. I get 1/2 hour break for lunch which I take in the bistro upstairs. I sit and watch the boats, it's so relaxing. I'm waiting for the Dolphins to come back. They were there one day but I was in the middle of banking and couldn't go and look.

The club has 20+ pokies (slot machines) and are looking at expanding this very soon. They couldn't get over the fact that the UK pubs only have a couple of machines in and asked how do they make money? The amount made from the pokies is unreal. Every Monday morning we have to empty the machines it's all very very precise and the gaming commission can come in at any time to inspect. You have to have a licence to touch the inside of the machines - it really is big business. (I'll be going for my licence soon)

There are quite a few expats members of the club and as soon as they hear me talk they are even more friendly. One woman is from Leeds, she's been here 45 years and has still got a very strong Leeds accent. My boss Jan is actually from Cumbria but has been here since she was 6 so is very Aussie - it made me realise that me and Daryl will probably keep our accents but after a few years no-one would ever know Lauren was a pommie! She has started to say words differently but we don't say anything as we want her to fit in at school and that's all part of it. Our neighbours love to listen to her Yorkshire accent but by the sound of it not for much longer!