Another great weekend. On Saturday we went to the beach again. We've been trying different beaches each time for a little variety. The beaches here go on for miles and miles and there's never any problem finding a quiet one. The only problem being though that the quiet beaches often aren't patrolled by Surf LifeSavers so they don't advise you to go swimming. This weekend we fancied a swim so we went to one of the patrolled beaches. We chose Couloundra, the first resort from us on the Sunshine Coast about 1hr and 20 minutes drive. King's Beach at Couloundra turned out to be really family-friendly. For a change, the waves were only small so it was easily swimmable. Even Rach went in!

On Sunday we went for a community BBQ at the park near where we live. Everywhere you go in Australia you'll find public BBQ's provided by the council free of charge - every park, by the river and by the beach. Most are electric but you still find some wood-burning BBQ's knocking about. It was a wood-burning BBQ that we used on Sunday. Luckily there were already some pre-cut logs waiting for us as none of us had thought to bring an axe.

Besides us, there was a family from Scotland, a family from India and a family from France. We all chipped in and shared each other's food and booze, and me and Craig (Scotland) tended to the barbie.

It's so nice to be able to make plans for the weekend without having to worry about the weather forecast. It's 30 degrees every day here at the moment. It's got to the point where we've started to put the fan on at night. We've managed to resist the temptation to put the A/C on yet though - not good for our electric bill or the environment!