It seems that the winter has passed and we are now head first into Spring. We decided to make the most of our weekend and went to the beach on Saturday. We really must get more into the swing of beach visits. We forgot Lauren's hat, bucket and spade so had to go and buy yet another. Then there's the eski - we're just not used to taking water etc with us. I did remember the sun cream and Lauren's sun suit so I can't be that bad as a Mum! It was absolutely gorgeous we had a huge stretch of beach more or less to ourselves. We decided to go to a quiet beach rather than heading to the popular resorts the only problem is that the quiet beaches are not patrolled by surf life savers, there are shark nets though. It just means that people can't (or shouldn't) swim. (some mad Aussies still do!) I'll ask Daryl to put the photos on.

Sunday we finally made it to our first expat meet up at the Pig & Whistle English pub in the city. It was a great set up, we met a few people and will definitely go to the next one. The people who organise it (I think Gary and Margaret) did a great job making everybody feel welcome. It was red hot - 32 according to the temp reading near us. It was so nice. When we left the meet up we went and had some lunch in a restaurant on the riverside. Just the way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I'm still waiting to hear about the job by the way so keep your fingers crossed.