A couple of reasons actually, small but when they add together it's what make this place what it is.

We got a leaflet through the door saying there would be a collection for garden clippings etc with details on about what size the clippings could be. All people need to do is leave their stuff in a pile on the path outside their house. All over the place there were piles of stuff far bigger than the leaflet said they could be, when the garbo's came to remove it all did they leave the big stuff - No they took everything!!!! I saw one of them carrying a huge log and it just made me smile. Would that happen in Doncaster? - they won't even take a bag at the side of the bin never mind lump a huge log into the truck.

Second I had an interview this morning for an admin job at a local boat club, during the interview the woman suddenly stopped talking and said look there. She pointed out to the marina about 500 yards out from the jetty at 2-3 dolphins were frolicking in the water playing with the boats. She said they had a wedding here last week and 3 dolphins came right in, it made the brides day. It made my day seeing them today hopefully they brought me good luck and I'll get the job.

Lastly when I took Lauren to school a few weeks ago one of the kids was really upset but her Mum really needed to go, the teacher took hold of the kids hand went and sat at her desk and gave her a cuddle. Within a no time at all the tears had gone and she was sat chatting with the teacher still sat on her knee while the teacher drank a cup of coffee! Health and Safety?, Risk Assessment?, Child protection?, not a problem if that had been Lauren I'd've wanted her to do exactly that.

I love Australia.