I think we're starting to come out of Winter as it's been slowly warming up this week, rising to a high of 29 degrees today.

At lunchtime I went out and sat in the gardens of a Cathedral across from where I work and basked in the sun. I only lasted for about 20 minutes though. Boy was it hot!

The funny thing is, we're in the middle of flu season here. It seems like half of the company I'm working for is down with flu, many of whom I work with and who still insisted on coming in to work, so I'm amazed I haven't caught it.

At least in the UK a lot of companies have cottoned on to the fact that it's false economy encouraging people to work even if they're sick, as it only increases the likelihood of others getting it. That mentality doesn't seem to have reached Australia.

A lot of my preconceptions about hot countries have been shattered since moving here. I certainly didn't think flu would be a problem in Queensland!