The aussies like to say 'drama' a lot. Everything's a drama. If something's a bit of bother, it's a drama.

I had a 'drama' of my own today.

A woman fainted on me in the lift today at work, although I don't think it was because she mistook me for Brad Pitt.

As I was travelling down to the ground floor this woman was the only other person in the lift with me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that she looked really groggy like she was about to fall asleep, stood up. Then suddenly she just fell backwards and collapsed in a heap, hitting her head on a metal bannister in the lift on the way down. I didn't get to her in time to stop the fall. As soon as she hit the deck, sick started dribbling out of her mouth. I immediately rolled her on to her side, worried she was going to choke on her vomit. Luckily we then arrived at the ground floor and the lift door opened. I shouted for help and a security guard quickly ran over.

She was only out for about 20 seconds before she started to come around. While the security guard went to call an ambulance I tried talking to her to reassure her, and to try and ascertain if there were any other problems. I also noticed that a puddle had formed underneath her where she had lost control of her bodily functions. I was particularly worried about her head as it took a nasty crack on the way down. I checked the back of her head but I couldn't see any blood.

Once she was able to talk she told me that she wasn't ill. In fact this was the first time she had ever fainted. God knows what had caused it. She was clearly embarrassed about her situation so I asked one of the cleaners to get some towels while the security guard went to find something to cover the lift entrance to give her some privacy while we waited for the ambulance.

Anyway some of her friends turned up to look after her while they waited for the ambulance so I left them to it. I wasn't sure whether to stick around or not. I felt a responsibility because I was the only one with her when it happened but at the same time I'd fully briefed the security guard on what had happened, and that I was worried about the bang to her head, so he could brief the paramedics when they arrived. With her friends there there wasn't really any more I could offer.

I didn't get to find out what happened after that but I hope she's ok.

That's the first time I've had to deal with anything like that. I'm glad to say I didn't panic and I think I handled it ok. I received first-aid training in the Navy but luckily it wasn't anything too serious (I'll have to save my tracheotomy training for another day!). Anyone with common sense would have done the same.