I've got a job!

On Monday I received a phone call from an agent I've been dealing with telling me that while the Security Consultancy he's been speaking to about me are impressed with my CV, they don't have any work for me at the moment. 24 hours later I received another phone call saying that they'd like to speak to me as they have a project which they think I can help them with.

So I went in this morning for an informal interview, and this afternoon they've rang up and offered me a contract!

It's only for 1-2 months initially working on a big Queensland Government project, but after explaining my skills and experience they reckoned it could lead to other work, as my experience crosses both sides of their security practice - technical and compliance.

I told them that I'm available immediately and they took that literally as they've asked me to start tomorrow morning! The problem is we haven't properly arranged child care yet. With both myself and Rach now working 8 hour days we need to arrange pre-school or after-school care. I also need to go and change my driving licence over to a Queensland licence before I can pick up the car (they're very strict here in QLD). So I rang them and asked if I can start on Friday instead. They said that they've already lined up a meeting for me with the client. We discussed it some more and as they've set the expectation with the client we agreed to a compromise and I'm starting tomorrow afternoon.

I'm not sure where I'll be based yet - at their main office or the client's office. If it's the main office where I went today it's slap bang in the middle of the Central Business District (CBD - which is what they call city centres here). As we live the other side of the river Rach can drop me off at the CityCat ferry point near her work and I can get the Catamaran to work everyday. Not a bad way to start work each day!