Some good news - Rach went for her second interview (not for the same job) this morning for a Branch Manager position for a Home Services company. The company provides carpet cleaners, upholsterers, that kind of thing. She came home from the interview feeling that it went pretty well and after learning more about the role she was quite excited. This afternoon she got a phone call from the General Manager - she's got the job!!

It sounds like a great opportunity for her. Apparently they've had a succession of bad managers over the last few years and they've gone from having 7 technicians to only 3. Rach has got the opportunity to get the branch in order and build up more business. It's 35 hours per week, and once she's settled in it's flexible working - she can choose when she does the hours. It sounds really good. She starts on Tuesday.

We've also received an e-mail to say our shipment will arrive in Brisbane on the 13th July. It wasn't originally due to be here until August. It will take about 7-10 days to clear customs. I just hope we don't get stung for import duty. Apparently they pick shipments at random to check so it's a complete lottery whether we have to pay or not.

I've been doing a bit of research into some business ideas I've got. I'm torn between what to do. I don't really want to back to working for someone else again yet I could do with getting some experience working for a big Australian corporate so I can understand the differences between here and my experience in the UK. I think the best option would be for me to get a 6 month contract. This would force me into starting my own company and wouldn't tie me down to a permanent position. I'd also be able to pursue some of the non-security related ideas that I've got. I've been exploring some ideas for online magazines and web 2.0 sites. I could start the magazine straight away but when it comes to the web 2.0 sites I'd need to get up to speed with AJAX which may take some time. There's plenty of people who are running successful internet business' from home these days - I don't see why I shouldn't be one of them! Watch this space...