After a very busy weekend we have finally fully packed up and moved out. The shippers came today and carefully packed and boxed the items we're shipping, taking them away to await the next shared container bound for Brisbane. We officially hand over the keys to our house on Thursday. We're staying with my parents until we leave in 9 days time.

A clearance company is coming tomorrow to take away the items of furniture we didn't manage to sell. I'm disgusted with the whole ebay experience. People didn't want to give us anywhere near the value of the items, it was clear that most of the people who contacted us on ebay were just trying to get a bargain which they could then re-sell at a profit.

Anyway, tomorrow is also my last day of work in the UK - yipee!

Still so much to do though...

I've just found out that there's no Amazon Australia - where am I going to get my books from??