I completely forgot about April Fools this morning. Pity - as Rach just loves me winding her up, not!

The Sunday papers didn't forget though, here's a few of the April Fools stories in the papers today:

Several events in the 2012 London Olympics - including the opening ceremony - will be "farmed out" to Paris to save money. Eurostar carriages will be adapted so that athletes can continue training and stretching. (Sunday Telegraph)

A legion of tiny clay soldiers has been dug up near Hadrian's Wall, and archeologists have dubbed them the Terracotta "Toon" Army. (Sunday Express)

The world's first "Robot Ethics Charter", to be drafted at a conference next week, will prevent robots from being abused. (Independent on Sunday)

Tony Blair is to become an actor when he leaves Downing Street and has been cast in Arthur Miller's The Crucible by his friend Kevin Spacey. (Observer)

A revolutionary square dart board will be introduced to the sport at this year's World Darts Championship. World champion Phil Taylor said: "I've had a practice on it, and it will take some getting used to." (News of the World)

Councils are to introduce compulsory £5 'carbon offsets' for anyone wishing to have a barbecue in their garden this summer. (Mail on Sunday)

A German company has launched "digital Lederhosen" with a built-in MP3 player and mobile phone. (Independent on Sunday)

Compost bins in a range of Farrow & Ball colours have gone on sale for £150 each. (Observer)

Garden centres are being "besieged" by men after it was discovered that winter-flowering heather has the same properties as Viagra. (Independent on Sunday)

Thirteen plainclothes traffic wardens have already been assaulted after an undercover scheme was launched in Soho. (The First Post)

Courtousy of The First Post