Had an interesting afternoon today. We had a 'Launch Event' for the main project I'm working on. The project team had booked out a room at Tiger Tiger with food laid on and a free bar! I love those words - FREE BAR! It wasn't all play though. We had to do some 'activities' before we could get stuck into the bar. You know, the usual stuff: forming circles so you get to meet everyone else who is working on the project; brainstorming inputs into the processes; identifying disconnects. Actually it was quite a laugh and it turned out to be useful. We managed to identify and sort out some fundamental bottlenecks in the project using those 'activities', which otherwise might have taken 10 meetings to sort out.

A few years ago I would have been like a bull to a red flag with the free bar, but I'm much more sensible these days. Just the 4 bottles of Becks and then I slipped out quietly before I got too much of a taste for it and then wanted to stay all night.

My head is hurting now though. I've never been very good at drinking during the day and then stopping. I need to carry on drinking through to bedtime otherwise I feel like shit.

I liked the fact that the party was held during work time though, that would never have happened at the last place I worked.