How to Deal with Overzealous Cops

There's been lots of reports in the news in the last couple of years of how UK police are using section 44 of the Terrorism Act to stop peaceful protests and anything else they don't like. The video below is a great example of how to deal with overzealous police. The bottom line is KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

The 'Love Police' dealt with this situation perfectly by knowing the law and understanding the extents to which the police can exercise their powers.

An Englishman Abroad

Typical Englishman abroad. Steve McClaren has only been in Holland 6 weeks and he's already doing the pigeon English thing. They should put this stuff in a Rough Guides guidebook. If you are an Englishman on holiday in a non-English speaking country, simply speak slower and louder at Johnny Foreigner. Failing that, try speaking in the accent of your host, that's bound to work, the non-English speaker will understand you perfectly!