Sirromet Winery

We recently took a tour of the Sirromet Winery which is less than 10 mins drive from us in Mount Cotton. We've been to Sirromet before - to a Simply Red concert, but this is the first time we've took a wine tour.

The tour itself was really interesting. We got a good explanation of the wine-making process as we were took through the production plant, but of course the best bit came later as we entered the wine-tasting area.

I was already familiar (over-familiar) with their Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon but a revelation for us was the SunWine. This is their fortified wine. It's a beautiful little tipple and I'd never considered drinking Sherry chilled before. What stood out for me was the texture. It has such a smooth finish it's like silk on the tongue.

We knew about Sirromet's award-winning Restaurant Lurleens, but what we didn't know is they also have a more relaxed restaurant and bar - Cellar Door - with light meals and wine from their cellar, accompanied by live music on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. All Al fresco of course.

Guess what's become one of our favourite locals!

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