I'm flattered to have had some interest from people wanting to purchase prints of my photographs. Not one to do things half-arsed, I've created This is my new platform for sharing a small selection of my photos available for print and download. The site is configured for print procurement with printing companies in Australia, Europe and the US. Prices are very reasonable, probably too reasonable - I may put prices up in the future.

Living in Brisbane, my focus is landscape photography in and around South East Queensland (hence the name), but there's also galleries featuring photos from around the world. It's a small selection at the moment but I intend to add many more in the future. I want to keep each gallery small so I may remove photos every now and again in favour of newer ones. Quite often I find that photos I loved a year ago now seem rubbish. I guess that's common with many amateur photographers as their eye and skills improve over time.

My photos are always free to download for personal use from this blog under a Creative Commons licence. More details on my Licensing page.