Above the Gold Coast

Here's a couple of shots taken from the Skydeck observation deck at the top of Q1 on the Gold Coast. 

You need a lot of patience when taking shots from the Q1. The place was packed with selfie-stick wielding tourists, and of course, most of them had their flash turned on, which reflects off the glass and ruins everyone's photos including their own.

The first shot is looking north just as the last light of the day is setting on the horizon.

The second shot is looking south past Surfers Paradise down towards Broadbeach.

Twelve Apostles at Dawn


This month we took a short trip to Melbourne and drove down the Great Ocean Road to see the Twelve Apostles. A few people remarked that only the English would holiday to Victoria in the middle of winter. While half of Melbourne flocked to Queensland to chase the sun, we headed the in the opposite direction! The Twelve Apostles are a collection of limestone stacks off the coast of Port Campbell National Park in Victoria. They're called the Twelve Apostles but in reality there are only eight left. The ninth collapsed in July 2005 and it's only a matter of time before another one collapses.

This photo was taken at dawn from the bottom of the Gibson Steps. The beach was out of bounds at the time due to bad weather, so I was being a bit naughty heading down the slippery steps.

First Basin Cataract Gorge


Following on from yesterday's photo of Cataract Gorge, this is a shot from the First Basin of Cataract Gorge looking towards the suspension bridge. Now this was tranquil! What you can't see is that above where I was standing is a chair lift that you can take across the gorge. Unfortunately it stops running at 5:30pm so I missed it. On one side of the basin there's some beautiful botanical gardens, and on the other side there's a huge public swimming pool and Cafe. If this were anywhere else in the world the whole place would be packed with visitors. This being Tasmania however, it was relatively quiet for the middle of summer.